A relatable, modern-day retelling of the Bible.

Love & the Gospel

I despise the King James version of the Bible. I feel like it was just made to confuse people. No one talks like that and in 2021 why are we still leaning on this random man's version of the Bible?

Last year I read the story of David on my own and WHEW! Normally people just talk about David and Goliath in our Bible stories, but chileeeee....David was a messy bessy too. But even still in his own mess he was still a man after God's own heart. I wish more people would talk about all of David's mishaps and the mess he was in. David, along with several other people in the Bible, are just like people in Love & Hip Hop. And that's just it the Bible is Love & Hip Hop with Jesus. Regular people + messy situations + God. Once I came to that realization I started reading the Bible in a new light, like I was watching a reality TV show, and it's been a world of difference for me.

All of this inspired me to bring you the Bible in the same way, hence the title Love & the Gospel. I hope you take this journey with me and my modern retelling and down to earth approach.

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